Anemoi Four

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The Anemoi Four are a faith based on the four cardinal directions and their associated winds. It primarily has adherents in the lands of The Explorers Guild, and is favored by sailors and farmers.

Boreas of Arctos[edit]

Boreas blows cold winter winds upon the peoples of Dargarth. Strong and violent, its realm lies beyond the arctic lands to the north.

Eurus of Anatole[edit]

Eurus sends powerful fall rains. It also brings misfortune and warmth from its realm to the east across the ocean.

Notus of Mesembria[edit]

Notus blows hot summer winds. It sometimes can destroy crops or cause storms from its realm to the south of the Dargarth.

Zephyrus of Dusis[edit]

Zephyrus is the bringer of warm spring rains. It is a gentle wind, and encourages life and growth from its realm to the west of Dargarth.