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Ser Braddick
In-Character Information
Country Mercenary
Other Name(s)
Class Druid
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral
Race Human
Religion Polytheism
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined
Affiliated with Circle of the Forge

{{#if:Human|}} {{#if:Druid|}} {{#if:Mercenary|}} Capt. Braddick is the leader of The Circle of the Forge adventurers guild. He is allied with Legion and have an ongoing contract to assist them when needed. This does not preclude him and the Circle from taking other contracts.

Braddick is a seasoned adventurer. He grew up in Tyr in the upper city. His family has connections with some of the lower nobles and his uncle often sat in court. Although he was born and raised in the greatest city, Braddick had always had a wanderlust that drew him from the city and into the unexplored wilds. His mother used to tease that he must've been touched by the Fae.

As a young man Braddick joined the Imperial Army as a scout. While in training his magical gifts began to become apparent. He was sent to the Academy and trained to become an officer and wizard. Braddick felt drawn to the Green Wizards and spells associated with nature were often the ones he learned the quickest and easiest.

With his skills in forest craft and burgeoning powers of a Green Wizard, Braddick quickly rose thru the ranks. Eventually though, the responsibilities of rank interfered with his true calling. He retired from the Imperial Army and joined up with some of his friends that he had known. They were looking to start an Adventuring Guild based in Feltrest. The group formed a Charter and established themselves. Stories of their deeds spread.

Braddick's most recent adventure came at the behest of the Emperor himself. He and his band were asked to lead an Imperial ship to a land called Dargarth. Very little was known about these lands, but reports had been filtering back for years now. Previous explorers thought Dargarth was part of Sahud. But some recent research proved that was unlikely and the Emperor wanted to claim these new lands for himself.

Upon arriving on the shores of Dargarth, Braddick was able to quickly establish that the Dargarthians were not Sahudese. One of the first Dargarthians he met was Rasheab. Rasheab introduced him to the land and its peoples, including a number of powerful players. Braddick quickly realized that he would need allies if he was to continue exploring as the various countries and politics could be dangerous to someone unfamiliar with them.

After a few months the ship itself was attacked by a number of undead. It was badly damaged and most of the Imperial Sailors were turned into undead themselves. Only a few of the crew and his fellow members of the Circle were able to escape. Recovering the ship would be no easy feat.

In order to get the supplies and men needed Braddick reestablished the Circle of the Forge. Their first contract was with Legion establishing themselves as allies to help and assist each other.

The circle of the Forge and Legion worked together and had a number of great adventures and conquests together. Of note was the Battle for Kissmyanthia wherein the Circle of the Forge teamed up with Alicaryn and Raven of Legion to liberate the long forgotten Castle Kissmyanthia. The battle was long and tense, but the coalition was victorious. Raven and Alicaryn appointed Braddick as the Steward of Kissmyanthia and the Circle of the Forge as it's guardians.

Recently, Braddick and the Circle of the Forge needed to spend more time pursuing their return home. While their contract with Legion was very helpful to both sides, the Circle needed more freedom to move around and work on their ultimate mission. The contract was ended right as the Legion/Mardur war was gaining momentum. Braddick did some mercenary work during the war for both sides and other countries as well. But mostly this allowed him to move thru many nations where a member of Legion may not have otherwise been welcome.

Braddick was also able to meet and move thru the courts of the various noblemen and women in the land. He was able to provide invaluable assistance and was knighted by the Noble Council. Ser Braddick has been able to build many bridges and gain a number of allies on various countries. He has also been able to begin stockpiling the necessary components for the Circle to Return home. While Ser Braddick has made good progress towards this goal, much work still needs to be done.

Recent Activities: Winner of the Red Knight and Dagger lists at the Blighted Forest (2014)

Battle of Kissmyanthia (Allsfaire 2016)

Knight of Dargarth (2017)

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