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{{#if:Cultist|Default Cultist}}
Creature Statistics
Danger Rating 2}}
Type Human}}
Size Average}}
Terrain Any}}

{{#if:Any|}} Cultists have AR 0 and wield 2 blue weapons (Florentine).


Cultists come from a variety of dark sects. They may worship specific deities, or practice forbidden philosophies, but for one reason or another they are not welcome in normal Human society. They may react poorly to intruders, and may use violence to keep their location and their rituals a secret. Cultists often posses a fanatical devotion to their faith or leaders, which makes them dangerous groups to cross. Clad in cerimonial robes and often hooded.


Often crazed by their leaders and beliefs, Cultists behaviour is often sporadic. Reports have shown Cultists being extremely docile when discovered and taken into custody, other reports call Cultists mindless zealots whom stop at nothing to do away with intruders. Their behaviour is as varied as the various types of cults around Dargarth, it can be assumed.


Unless the cult has a particular martial focus, most cultists do not wear armour. They may still be trained in combat though, and their skills should not be discounted. Their devotion to their deity or philosophy often leads them to disregard their own safety. They may charge into battle wielding two weapons at once in place of more traditional off hand equipment like a shield.