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Welcome to the Dargarth wiki. Dargarth is a medieval-themed larp that uses boffer weapons for combat. Our group is located in Seattle, Washington, but our rules can be used by anyone.

This wiki is published by and open to all participants of Dargarth. Feel free to register and contribute.

Important Notice (2018)[edit]

Hello! Welcome back to the wiki.
As of Oct 22nd the wiki is back up and functional. Having been down for awhile, most of the information for 8 DY (8th Dargarthian Year) has yet to be added or is missing. Please explore and check out pages, and when you have a feel for how editing works, add in pages and information you know about. Editing links can be found below, and Uulmshar and Rasheab can help you out with questions you have.
Thank you, and welcome back to the wiki!

Featured Pages[edit]


Category:Contents is an index of the pages with actual Dargarth information. Category:Meta lists everything else.

Getting Started[edit]

The wiki is a collaborative body of knowledge. Please chip in! There may be some policies put in place eventually. For now, try and stick to this:

  1. This is not The rulebook. Nothing here is binding. Please do not reproduce sections of the rulebook in the wiki (such as spell listings, classes, etc).
  2. Write articles with an encyclopedic format (impersonal, formal language, etc). The exception is story articles, which are meant to be a transcription of a tale or legend.
  3. To make a page, see: Making a character page. Most of the information found there can then be applied using other templates, in Editing Help.
  4. Wondering where to start, or looking to help? See: How you can contribute to the wiki (also includes editing guidelines)
  5. Don't use your user page as your character page. User pages are harder to find with the search bar, so we shouldn't use them for articles on characters.
  6. As always, don't be a dick.