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Relka Clarkson
In-Character Information
Country Endor
Other Name(s)
Class Cleric
Gender Male
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Human
Religion Santhian
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined c. March, 2 DY
Affiliated with

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Early History[edit]

Relka Clarkson (b. 60 NG in the Salthan Calendar), was a human, raised in the capital city of Karathe in the desert nation of Saltha, a nation of primarily lizard-folk that lays across the sea. His father was a anthropologist and scribe named Zack Clakson. Though he was human, he adapted the culture and language of Saltha (though he also learned the human common tongue as well).

Most of the people Relka knew were Salthans. His best friend since he was eight was Hetasa, a jocular prankish boy who never took life seriously, even when he grew up, and Gikali, who was smart. level-headed, suborn, and always was like a sister to him.

Relka inherited his love of knowledge from his father, and would spend much of his free time reading. He would be often seen reading even while walking, absorbed in his book.

The Escape[edit]

In the year 80 NG (2 DY), events triggered that changed his life. he received a strange ominous letter saying he should hurry to Hetasa's apartments. Relka assumed it was one of Hetasa's pranks, but was horrified to find Hetasa and Gikali lying in Hetasa's bed, stabbed to death. He had never even seen an indication that Hetasa and Gikali had any feelings for each other.

His first impulse was to of course report to the city guard, but he was arrested on suspicion of their murder. They thought he was in love with Gikali, and finding them together murdered them. He managed to escape, and fled over the sea to Talinor, where the law could not reach him. He still occasionally writes letters and has them smuggled through to his parents and other friends who are sympathetic in Saltha.

But even in this new realm, there was trouble and lawlessness. He found some who were willing to teach him how to fight, and he helped form the orchard guard, a group dedicated to upholding the law of the realm.

He still has very little in ways of clues of the puzzle of the murders of his good friends, but seeks a way to clear his name and return home, while protecting himself from bounty hunters hired from Saltha to take his life.


Relka’s primary motivation is two-fold: to seek knowledge and understanding of the world around him, and to encourage others in the seeking of knowledge and goodness. He tends to be curious, asking lots of questions, perhaps even to the exasperation of others. He feels life should be an open book, and is perhaps because of this a bit naive and transparent himself. Relka tends to be optimistic. He has a strong feeling of right and wrong. He tends to drop names, in order to impress people with the important people he had met. (Mostly just random brushes, and not really knowing them.)