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Hex 1205, 2610, 2509, 1803, 1609, 3709
Terrain Varied
Country Varied or N/A

There are ruins scattered across the face of Dargarth. Some exist from ancient times, before the current countries of Dargarth came into existence (or at least started communicating with those outside their borders), while some are more recent, and are the result of abandoned settlements or countries lost to the mists of time.

As time passes settlements and forts might crumble into ruin, just as former ruins will be developed into useable structures. Consequently this list might appear "out of date," but entries will be often not be deleted, as part of the historical record.

Some notable ruins are:[edit]

2610: Former capital of the Imperial Guard.

Taken over after its fall by Alliance, and incorporated into its heartland. In turn claimed by Erzoth after Alliance's fall.

1205: Former capital of Albion.

Guarded by a group of Templars, former warriors and knights of their realm.

3609: Former capital of Alliance.

Claimed by Legion in the face of opposition, and from the ruins a township was rebuilt.

1602: Fomer capital of the Isles of Langerhausen.

Where the famous Day of Two Sieges occurred.

Note: Despite also being a fallen realm, the Explorers Guild stepped in and occupied Narscinia's capital before it could collapse into ruin like the former countries.

Other ruins:[edit]

3709: an unknown ruin on a tiny island in the south-eastern seas. It lies between the larger islands of the north and the hazards of the south (a series of maelstroms and unexplored waters). A gold mine was found amongst the ruins when Bitterpeak (aided by Legion) explored the island.

2004: formerly a Langerhausen keep, it crumbled away to ruin with the fall of that nation.

1607 is now home to a town which has grown up around the prosperous gold mine, however it was first a ruins which was discovered, along with the mine, by the first Mardurian exploration parties, shortly after their founding.

Ancient Ruins:[edit]

1803: a ruins on the coast of the former Isles of Langer. While long a part of Langer's holdings, nothing is know of them, aside that they predate the oldest known maps.

1609: despite being in the heart of the Mardurian lands and overlooking a successful copper mine, nothing is known about these ruins, aside from that they are ancient; they appear on the oldest existing maps.

2006: is a fortified tower overlooking a silver mine. However the tower and silver mine are relative newcomers; though the vein of silver was discovered by the Order of the Abbot, who also built the tower over it, the tower's foundation rests upon an ancient ruin.

0505: resting on the westernmost land of the continent, these ruins also date back to before the oldest known maps, though they have long rested quietly amidst the thriving city which is the capital of Briarwood.

2509: a ruins in the heart of the Alliance homeland. It was presumed to be a remains left by the former nation that inhabited those lands, but recent research suggests that it is even older, and pre-dates most (if not all) of the modern nations.

In the early months of 3 DY, a township was built upon the site. However two short months later it was destroyed by unknown means, when the rest of the country fell, leaving it a ruins once more.