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Tsuveria is the Winter Goddess of Clarity. Her power is derived from her follower's clarity of self, and any influenced strengths of such. Tsuverianites believe that she is the Goddess of nature, taking the form of winter specifically for its justice to nature, which thus gave her the name of "Winter Goddess," rather than "Nature Goddess" for its understanding of title. It is the end, the permitting gate to life, the still calm and the cleansing of unsuitable beings. Her goal is for a unity in sentient beings through clarity, like the unity in nature. Powerful, and clear of influences as it can only ever be just what it is; ever-renewing life. Only then, does she believe that the world will be at peace, and she will be able to rest with her followers. This as told by the Glacier Priest, Tuk-Tuk.


Glacier Priest[edit]

The High priest and leader of Tsuverianism. A title to represent that this priest has attained a peak of clarity, reaching towering heights in their goal of unity with their Goddess. (cleric/paladin only)

Bear Priest[edit]

The right hand of Tsuveria, this priest is the driving force of Tsuverianism. Whether through battle, or simple verbal conversion, the Bear Priest is the preacher. They have reached inceredible, but not complete clarity. (cleric/paladin only)


Like the Bear priest, this acolyte has attained great clarity. The difference between the two is their class. The inability to heal others who wish to be converted is an unfortunate circumstance that is considered to be lesser than those who can, and are thus lower in rank than the Bear Priest. They are in every other regard just as important.


Followers of the Faith, they are those who are newly-converted as well as those who have yet to attain great clarity and gain the title of Frozen or Bear Priest.


Tsuverians are not required to communicate with their Goddess, as it is understood that existence in clarity and acting in Faith is communication enough. They are, however, required to offer all opponents of the Faith a chance at redemption before execution, no matter their history or race. All must be united, no exceptions.


  • Help all who are confused in their existence through the solace of clarity.
  • Slay all who would find their desires in the chaos of the world rather than the Clarity of Tsuveria.


Power through clarity, Clarity for all, Peace for the united!