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Kendric Graveborn
In-Character Information
Country Explorers Guild
Other Name(s)
Class Mage
Gender Male
Race Human
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined
Affiliated with Academy Arcana Bellum , Explorers Guild

{{#if:Human|}} {{#if:Mage|}} {{#if:Explorers Guild|}} The sea was the deepest red I have ever seen on the day I sailed from Vartix that was. A childhood, a family, a country, a world lost to the cruel and implacable waves. Sometimes when I dream back on that day the water is stained with blood and not the fading sun. Bards and braggarts both tell tales and none of them are true. I will only tell you true stories here for I am no bard and no braggart. My name is Kendric Flamehands. Currently First Mage of Dargarth, Headmaster of the Academy Arcana Bellum and to the best of my knowledge the only mage blooded man, woman or child in the world. As a youth I was a somewhat fumble-spelled apprentice with a penchant for burning my spellbooks when practicing charms of evocation. My life changed entirely two years ago. During the The High Magi of Vartix reached to far into the darker places beyond and whatever they summoned, or whatever followed them back, was beyond even their awesome power to command and contain. Eventually they made the terrible decision to trap whatever they had unleashed in the darkness beneath the trackless ocean. They destroyed Vartix that was, sinking that lost land beneath the sea. Now only a handful of us, blessedly absent from the continent during its demise, remain. Chance had placed me on board a northern pirate vessel hired by the Vartissian navy to help root out a band of more local pirates. Little more than an apprentice I was only supposed to see to basic spells for the ship until a more qualified magus could be located. After the continent sunk behind us we abandoned that mission. We sailed on short supplies for months, then on no supplies for days. The crew of the Northern Fist and I were pushed as seamen and I as a sorcerer daily. Finally we were able to make a brief stop at a strand of islands where a nation of soft spoken elves greeted us hospitably and told us stories their people had of a great land to the West. More months at sea, more months of fish, empty horizons and the smell of salt finally brought me to Dargarth. Since coming to this land I have slain dragons, cast down necromancers and plague spreading warlocks. My service has been courted by near every nation of Dargarth. I have established an academy for the Magi of the realm to train and seek guidance. All this and my story has only just begun.

Sir Kendric, newly knighted, knelt before the statue of the Maker. Though he was not a religious man, his lips moved in fervent prayer. The words that flowed from his tongue were strange, lilting sounds, a dead language that only he knew. His knights vigil had gone through the day and night without slumber or rest. Dawn was nearing when the vision struck. A voice that rang with melody of ten-thousand thousands of voices in harmony. "Kendric, you kneel in a place of honor. Yet you are unworthy." It was his father's voice that he heard, but somehow it was also his grandfather's, and his great grand sire, whom Kendric only remembered in soft warm way of a childhood well loved. It was his mothers voice, and his grandmothers, and every mother that had sired a child of the line of Vartissia for the thousand years that dead country had reigned. Before this voice the Archmagus trembled in fear. "Speak, ancestors, though I fear I am unworthy, hold forth your guidance to me. I am not a holy man, but I will accept your decree." Tears streamed down his face and the mighty mage trembled. "There is a Darkness within you, though you do so ardently seek it in others. A corruption that is growing, and lest your purge yourself of it you will be consumed, as all of Vartissia was consumed." The last of us will be gone. These final words, unspoken but understood, chimed through the air. "You have a different task, and you stand with half your foot upon the threshold of destiny, Kendric. Open your academy to Blade and Book. Take up the mantle of teacher. This is your calling, and it is one you cannot serve so long as you are filled with bloodlust." "Ancestors, I accept your judgement." The words were barely a whisper when they finally left Kendric's mouth. "Then RIse Kendric Flamehands, a true Mage-knight." Kendric has a strong distaste for Orcs, Goblins, and monster-kin of all sort. It has previously led him to blows with the Mardurians and a brief lived border skirmish with Mardur inspired by his Natural Laws of Magic continually simmers on the boiling point. There is little doubt that when the summer comes and the guild is prepared there will be hostilities. While the presence of a monster nation may be tolerable, it is clear from Kendric's actions that the Death Knight Thrax is an abomination that will not stand.

Graveborn - So called since his return as a lich.

[former] Flamehands - Kendric has made great use of fire spells on the field of battle

First Mage of Dargarth - The first mage, though not the first magic user, upon the fields of Dargarth

Mage-Knight: Assumed as a natural title along with his knighthood.

Archmagus of the Academy Arcana Bellum - Founder of the Academy Arcana Bellum and head of the school, he is also the teacher for new Mages.

[former] Warden of the West - The Academy sits astride the western coast and Kendric claims that land as under his protection.

Dragonslayer - During his first forays into the land Kendric slew a dragon during the Battle of the Dragon King. He has since slain many more.

[former] Dwarf friend of the Bronzebeard Clan - The dwarves of the Bronzebeard Clan have long owed a debt to Kendric and counted him a companion. The presence of Marek at the academy speaks to this bond. Since his return he has fore sworn the company of the Bronzebeard dwarves.

Gold Medalist 2012 and 2016 Dargarthian Spell Duels

[former] Dagger Champion of Dargarth - a title initially seized at the founders day games, 2012. Passed to Jarek Briarwood 2014.

Fought in the Battle of the Wicked Delta and survived.

Vanished from the land in DY5. At the same time the Academy Arcana Bellum was struck by some sort of supernatural force. The burnt wreckage showed clear signs of magical battle and the unsettling marks of infernal creatures.

Kendric has been seen stalking the lands, a horrid visage of what he once was. He has shown particular enmity to the Knights of Erzoth.