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Mardur Logo.png
"By the Blood and Bones of Mardur!"
Country Data
Date 1 DY, 6 DY
Symbol Bone Shield of Freedom
Colors Dirt, Blood, and Bone
Capital Knox (1411)
Alignment Chaotic
Government Democratic Monarchy
Racial Makeup Monster
King Thorne I
Mardur's original country colors

Mardur was founded by Queen Pow Pow and General Froste in the early years of the First Kingdom.

Mardur's founding principles revolve around granting freedom and sanctuary to all monsters and their kin who are oppressed by humans. It is the sworn duty of every Mardurian ruler to shelter monsters from men who would do them harm, and provide a home and a life where they would not be judged or subjugated by racists.

Early History

Soon after Mardur's founding, Froste and Pow Pow took notice of a young Half-Orc mercenary ranger, and offered him a place to live and work outside of the Human Territories. (Modern day Explorer's Guild lands) Thorne gladly accepted their invitation and quickly became the Captain of the Mardurian Guard, a monster elite military unit. Along with Lieutenant Ballard, the duo also formed The Queensguard, sworn to protect the Queen from any and all aggressors both in battle and in court. Around the same few months, a roaming pirate captain stopped to resupply in Knox. Tyrent and the crewmen ofThe Silent were involved in a massive tavern brawl in the capital city which resulted in some minor deaths and massive property damage. Tyrent and his crew were brought to trial, and due to a convenience involving lack of resupply ports available to pirates and Mardur's lack of a proper navy, the pirates agreed to set up shop in Mardurian lands as citizens on the condition that they helped provide boats and serve as Mardur's new Navy.

Under the strategic command General Froste, the Mardurian Army, Guard, and Navy prospered in conquest. Mardur stood at the height of it's individual power after recruiting the roving Death Knight Thrax, who would become a major political, industrial, and military player in Mardur and the Holy Order of Mardur in years to come, as well as a central figure of the Dargarth Cold War. In 2 DY, Mardur merged nations with the Order of the Abbot to form the Holy Order of Mardur.

Mardur's Resurgence

Years after the formation of Dominion, the clergy who remained in the old Order of the Abbott lands grew restless of living under Mardur's rule, and wished to take their holy land back to re-merge with the new Order under their long-time leader, Baron Dameaion. This happened to be during the disappearance of the king, who had fallen comatose and deathly ill for many months. In Thorne's absence, all of his trusted advisers and military leaders had deserted Mardur. The nation lie in ruins, and the citizens were poor and starving. Clerics and wizards tending to the king 'round the clock, and when he finally roused, his directive was clear. Mardur would return to its status as the world power it once was.

National Character

Mardurians tend to be straight-forward and honorable in their dealings. As a culture they value martial prowess and have a fond appreciation for food. They dislike cowardice and trickery, but understand the usefulness of both retreat and poisons. Mardurians have no tolerance for prejudice, but can be vicious in their applications of justice. In general Mardurians are welcoming and kind to strangers, but will never forget a slight (though it is possible to earn forgiveness). Mardurians are a communal people and are quick to offer aid and assistance to those in need.

Foreign relations

At the battle of bloody bay, Mardur was betrayed by their Mootian mercenaries and since then Mardurians tend to view more mercenary nations, such as Bitter Peak with great caution.

Mardur has positive relations with The Highlander Clan, finding them to be fair and honorable people.

Mardur has declared war on Erzoth after Tristan and Lahire declined a trade in a dispute over The Kingsfairer.

Mardur views The Explorers Guild as a threat to all monstrous life on Dargarth and has been known to attack its members on sight.

Mardur finds Legion to be an honorless rabble of thieves, who are responsible for allowing a demon lord into the world of Dargarth. The two nations went to war in the summer ofDY 7 resulting in the Battle of Elkstone Keep and The Long Siege. A peace accord was struck between the two nations for one year and a day.

Mardurian Court

Thorne - King of Mardur

Gurp Gorp - Admiral of the Fleet "Big Boat Boss"

Dameaion - Consigliere

Scritta - Chief Bureaucrat

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