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This is an example user page. (It's not a very good example, because normally they are blank.) A user page is created when an individual creates an account. For example, User:Pyrocat is the user page for the account "Pyrocat".

User pages are, for the most part, not used on the Dargarth wiki. The reason for this is because they are harder to find/access through the search bar. Instead of just typing Rasheab one would have to type User:Rasheab to find it, and that's a pain.

There are some rare exceptions to this guideline. For example, Rasheab's user page. He's an odd duck, and has linked his various characters to his user page, just in case someone someday asks.

User pages are not off limit for use, but most of your character information should go on your character page, for example Arminius or Kendric Flamehands.