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"For I am Don hidalgo Rasheab dela Rasheik, the Rashashana, known to some few as Sir Name, to more as 'Sheabs, Stoli, first among equals of the Inner Council, and Lord of the Sheablands."

  • Rasheab - long time independent merc, and war leader accountant and high tea master of Legion
  • Sir Byron - diplomat and noble of Alliance. Might lead a small coalition of clerics. Generally appears at Big Events, and is not allied with any country (but tends to maintain fairly close ties with Erzoth, because they won't get off his lawn).
  • Bob - peasant dude from an outlying Explorer province who just showed up one day. Kinda adopted as a mascot.
  • Padre - silent veiled priest of the Order of the Abbot. May be an inquisitor for The Order, or may be a rebel leader in the Laity of the Order of the Abbot.
  • Jebbb - dude from the outskirts of Moot. Might be a extended group of near-identical brothers.

Consul marshal since February 27th, 2012.

Lore Marshal (assistant) for who knows how long, but less than Consul marshal.

Been most of the other marshal positions at one point or another, and as needed.