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Within the great brotherhood in the sky, there is a group of gods which stand out from the rest. This fraternity is known as the "Brotheon," for it is a fellowship of epic level bros.

What follows is a partial list of this pantheon, as well as some of what each bro-god rules.


Brodin: the All-Bro (the figurative father of the brotheon)
Broseidon: Lord of the Brocean
Broki: the Inevitably Treacherous Bro (who will try to sleep with your lady, but he's a bro, so it's cool. Sorta.)
Bropollo: Lord of picking up chicks by strumming on his electric harp
BRa(h): Lord of the Suntan
Bromes: Master of the beer run
Brosirus: Lord over the deadly-hangover
Bronos: Lord of the Happy Hour
Broddha: he's a Brodhisattva


Brometheus: He that stole fire for man (so they could light up for the first time)
Brocules: Lord of the Bench
Brochilles: Hero of the Brojan War
King Bronidus: Leader of the 300 Brodans (evidence of what happens when bros go for a walk)
Broseph: The bro with the letterman jacket of many colors
Brahatma Ghandi: He that councils peace, instead of brawling

Other folk[edit]

Bra(h)men: the priesthood of the brotheon

(Official) Followers[edit]

Cannibus Maximus apparently worships the All-Bro.

Villager X has worshipped Broseidon.

Bounty's Bog has worshipped Brodin and Broseidon in the past.

In parts of RagnFjord Brodin is known as the bother of Odin, in other parts as a facet of that deity.

The Brotheon is respected in the Sheablands, and sometimes called upon at the gaming tables.