HMS Kingfarer

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The HMS Kingfarer is the flagship of the Littelmarch navy, now flying under the flag of Sanctuary since Lucian was crowned king of that far-away land. The Kingfarer is a frigate class ship, and nicknamed the "Flying Dutchman" by some since it has proven so elusive to locate.

Recent History[edit]

After sitting in a bay off of Sanctuary for many seasons, the Kingfarer was acquired by the nation of RagnFjord in an uncontested fight. Within a month it set sail to the north-east, in the direction of Ragnfjord lands. It quickly encountered a vessel of the Mercenaries of Bitter Peak fleet, and it was later learned that it would have shortly thereafter met a westbound Legion caravel. It is unknown what consequently happened, but the Kingfarer was thereafter seen sailing south-east, without a nation flag flying.