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Sir Raven
In-Character Information
Country Legion
Other Name(s)
Class Urban Scout
Gender Male
Race Human
Religion Trickster
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined 6/15/2014
Affiliated with Belegarth

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Born in a farming hovel near the coast of Hex 1810.
When he came of age he became an acolyte of the Trickster where he meet Rook but after a short while chose to travel the world instead. During his adventures he met Alicaryn and Rasheab who convinced him to fight for Legion.
After a few months of service he saved up enough money to build the hamlet Corax on the coast near his family's farm. He later funded further construction upgrading Corax to a town and subsequently expanding it to a thriving city with a fully fortified castle.
When Legion pirated three caravels from Moot he was given one of them for his part in the battles. He renamed his acquisition Mallori.

For his services to the realm, Raven was knighted in January of DY7.