Thioden LeafGaurd

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Captain Thioden LeafGaurd
In-Character Information
Country Holy Order of Mardur
Other Name(s)
Class Cleric
Gender Male
Alignment NG
Race Dwarf
Religion Ancestral
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined 2 DY (September 9, 2012)
Affiliated with Talinor

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As a child Thioden was pampered, being the eldest of two children and heir to the throne of Thorden Shire he was raised to be the next king of the shire. As a small boy he spent most of his time with his mother preferring the skills of cooking and cleaning to that of war and farming. Although as he aged this methodology had changed. Around the age of 13, he started spending time with his father, Shildabar, learning basic lively hood of farming, he began studying and learning manuscripts, by the age of 16 he had mastered the knowledge of the land and had become a skilled warrior. At the age of 16, he was sent to the university in the country of Talinor where he was to learn and master the manuscripts of knowledge available there upon the age of 17 his father had fallen ill with the plague although he had some skill in the art of healing magic he was not able to heal his father and then 10 days after falling ill his father passed. Now, with the king of Thorden Shire dead, the crown had fallen to him as the eldest son. But with a heavy heart and for mourning and self blame he has made it his life's mission to stop all deaths and wars, and to find the healing magic to save all. When the island was discovered by the Dargarthian main land, he issued a policy with the southern neighbors Talinor for an alliance to strengthen the defenses of the island. This is to be known as the Endorean Pact which formed the country of Endor.

Thioden as King[edit]

For a while, Thioden lived in the Thorden Shire, where he was king and leader. He had set an alliance with Talinor in the Endorean Pact, which meant he was not officially a king, but he was still thought of and treated as a king amongst his people. His leadership was proven in the battle of the light house where he lead a mixture of Endoreans and mercenaries to victory against Ghouls, capturing a castle and a gold mine for Endor. He was famed for policie that ensured a 0% unemployment rate in his land, not issuing taxes, and treating murder to the harshest degree. If you were convicted of murder by the tribal council you were to be tortured for 7 days and on the 8th you would be burned and beheaded. His foreign policy was focused on peace and trade, and he held no aspirations to expand Endor's borders.
It was shortly after Thioden returned from a vacation to his allied land, Mardur, that his ship was attacked by a Damned ship, and he had to revert course. News eventually reached him that his kingdom had fallen. With a tear in his eye, Thioden removed his crown, throwing it into the sea, and cursed the undead that encroached his homeland.

Religious Views[edit]

Like most dwarves, he follows an ancestral religion which requires him to pray to his ancestors for help and guidance. In his religion, the strongest ancestor is his great grandfather, the founder and the creator of Thorden Shire so he is the one that he prays to for guidance and protection. The most scared part of the religion is the ancestral tree. The ancestral tree is where the dead are buried which then are assimilated into the tree and once a year on December 31, the tree grows fruit which is a blessing from the ancestors and during the celebration of torthaí the town will consume one fruit and gain power and wisdom from there ancestor this is also used as the greatest show of respect to another when they are presented with a fruit from the tree.

Current Events[edit]

On the 21st of the fourth month of the year 3 DY, Thioden joined the Holy Order of Mardur, after spending a period as a mercenary in their employ, and mentoring by the death knight Thrax. He might have contracted vampirism during this time, but he has seldom been seen since then.