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In-Character Information
Country Mercenaries of Bitter Peak
Other Name(s) Bitter-Bro
Class Ranger
Gender Male
Race Human
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined 2 DY
Affiliated with Mercenaries of Bitter Peak

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General and leading ranger for the Mercenaries of Bitter Peak.

There once existed a thriving merchant port city just east of the seat of the Emperor. Jabari was crewing a merchant vessel to faraway lands when a terrible storm destroyed his home. He returned to a muddy island devoid of all life. The trees had been uprooted, the cities sank or crumbled, and all of the people were washed away. His crew became the only inhabitants of the new wasteland, eking out a meager survival for the next three years.
Then, a ship with black flags landed on the shores. The Mercenaries of Bitter Peak had claimed the island ruins as their own. Jabari and his crew-mates quickly joined, and his skills at navigating ships helped the mercenaries extensively in their exploration from then on, earning him a high ranking position.
On one of his explorations, the mercenaries fought and killed some werewolves along their border. Jabari is seldom seen in public since.