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Helpful Resources

Editing the Dargarth wiki can be fun and rewarding, but it might take a little bit to get off the ground your first time. Here's some helpful resources.

Creating a Page

Please generally stick to the Wikipedia Manual of Style. If you've ever read wikipedia you have the general idea. An exception to this encyclopedic format are 'Story' articles, which relate a bit of oral history or legend.

Use links liberally. The first time a proper noun is used in an article, turn it into a link. When linking characters, don't link their title, just their name. Titles may change over time, but a character name probably won't.

Please use the "Show Preview" and "This is a minor edit" buttons liberally while editing.

At some point in time perhaps spells, monsters, weapons, etc will have a place in this wiki. For now though, please try not to include them. A great deal of data on them exists elsewhere, and duplicating it here would be a waste of energies. Please try and write on topics where no records exist. Porting over data from the rulebook means we'll have to update this wiki whenever we change something in the rulebook.

Making a character page

Good how-to(s) which are applicable to making many different types of pages. (Such as adding pictures.)

Important Guidelines

Please don't make up events that can't be reconciled with game history or existing lore. For example: its great to write a fictional history of your country before its in game founding. Its not so great to write about your country's invasions of another country, unless those invasions have happened in game. Another: its great to write about your character's opinion of Count Andor. It's not so great to write about how your character is his long lost brother, unless that's been established with him. Remember, this setting is shared by many people, and Dargarth is world where stories are made collaboratively. Don't create things in your own fiction that can't be reconciled with game events.


You should apply templates according to what type of article you are creating. To use a template, type this code into the article:


Some templates require parameters. For more specific instructions on each template, follow the links below:

If you need help, its ok to write an article without a template. Another editor may apply one later.


You should also sometimes use categories, since they make finding articles easier.

Templates automatically add categories. You can also add them manually: the code is [[Category:CategoryNameHere]]

Before you make a new category tag, check the existing Categories to see if your entry fill fit within one of them.

Category Tags

A list of some of the useful category tags.

[[Category:Players By Race]] should be added to racial pages, such as Category:Elfs or Category:Humans. By adding this tag you create a page that automatically lists all the characters who claim to be that race, and allows you to add player character racial information.
[[Category:Jokes]] should be added to pages that are... less than serious. Such as Brotheon.

A non-comprehensive list of other manually added category tags are:

[[Category:Year]], but instead of year you would include 1 DY, 2 DY, 3 DY, whatever the relevant year is.