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The Wolfmother

In Bloodmoon Cult lore, The Wolfmother is the mother of Dargarth. She is a divine fore of creation and wildness and it is she who gave birth to Dargarth approximately 3000 years ago.

The Bloodspawn

After Dargarth was born, the Wolfmother bled on the soil of her new child and spawn the Bloodspawn. The Bloodspawn were born to protect and unite the creatures of Dargarth in the name of the Wolfmother. they are mortal autonomous extensions of the Wolfmother's power. Originally the Bloodspawn could change form between man and wolf which was symbolic of their guardianship over both Dargarth's wild natural essence, and its elements of progressive human consciousness. They drew much of their power and wisdom from the juxtaposition of these two states of consciousness, animal and human.

The False Prophet

The False Prophet is a lesser divine entity that existed in the universe before Dargarth just like the Wolfmother. In its natural state it is undefined and vague in most aspects and as such it seeks to gain more power by defining itself through the consciousnesses of sentient life forms and using those definitions to create a a conduit through which to more effectively channel its divine abilities. On its mission for power it became present on Dargarth approximately 2000 years ago and began subtly affecting the minds of it's people. It built rumors about a true prophet/deity that the people should follow and these rumors spread. Soon enough the image of a new prophet was in enough people's minds that the False Prophet could tap into the collective consciousness and inhabit the ideas it had planted giving it physical form, and enough power to subdue the minds of the people of Dargarth beyond hope of them remembering their true goddess, The Wolfmother. However, The Bloodspawn, being extensions of the Wolfmother's power, were too strong and too connected to the Wolfmother to forget and succumb to the False Prophet's influence. They tried to fight it, but the people that the Bloodspawn were meant to protect fought against them and the False Prophet drove the Bloodspawn into hiding. Splintered and exiled, the Bloodspawn lay in wait for the time to strike back once again against the False Prophet.

The Prophecy

On the night of the blood moon eclipse, the bloodsages of the forgotten tribe received a vision of the False Prophets defeat at the hands of the Bloodspawn. They took this as a sign that it was time to fight for the Wolfmother once more and the Bloodspawn rose out of hiding to find and rid Dargarth of the parasite known to them as the False Prophet.