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Sir Froste
In-Character Information
Country Holy Order of Mardur
Other Name(s)
Class Fighter
Gender Male
Race Orc
Religion Gruumsh
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined 0DY (November 21st, 2010)
Affiliated with Marshal Council

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Sir Froste is a member of The Holy Order of Mardur.

In the land of Brittania, Rebekah Froste wandered. In the dark caverns of Wind she found the ancient undead: the liches. At first she was alarmed like so many curious adventurers before. She raised her poisoned blade and readied magics to battle this new foe, yet she noticed a profound sadness in their eyes. They had lost something precious. She halted her attack and listened.

The liches told the tale of betrayal at the hands of the mad king Lord British. Insanity had taken him and he conspired to have the entirety of the Council of Mages ruthlessly murdered. Yet they lived on… Thus the liches were created. Rebekah gave herself to their defense. She became a Guardian of the Undead Lords.

As time passed, the Lords became mightier. Years went by and soon the Lords were more than capable of their own defense. Rebekah’s duty was complete and she rested. Her death was welcome and her soul was finished in her work. But eternal rest was to elude her.

Reborn into a land called Stygia. The soul had a new form, more monstrous than even the Undead Lords. No longer human, no longer feminine. This new form carried the old name…Froste.

Froste was an orc. Not lovely to look upon. Unkind in demeanor. Brutal in combat. The other orcs taught battle, and Froste learned. In this orc’s army, Froste rose in prowess and resonsibility. First as a Grunt, a front line warrior. Then he became Ravager, a mighty force on the battlefield, capabale of facing any and triumphing. He fought for the right to lead the Stygian Uruk-Hai on the field and defeated the Warleader Divit.

Soon Froste was bidden to leave Stygia. He travelled to distant lands and arrived upon the shores of Dargarth, accompanied by the Goblin Queen Pow Pow, his beloved companion. They determined to make a nation based on freedom and virtue. They named this nation Mârdûr, which in the Black Speech means Freedom.