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In-Character Information
Country Mercenaries of Bitter Peak
Other Name(s) Thor, Lord of Steel, Steel King
Class Rogue/Monk
Gender Male
Alignment CE
Race Yeti
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined 1 DY
Affiliated with

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Steel King of the Mercenaries of Bitter Peak, Savalis is also known as the Lord of Steel.

In our world, there exist beings of infinite life, and, consequently, infinite death. Most people regard these immortal beings as gods. Some let it get to their heads. Savalis does not. None know how many lives he's lived, or how many bodies hes lived in, but mention the afterlife or gods, and he will laugh in your face. "There are no gods," he will mock; "and if there are, they don't dare oppose me."

Learning of a powerful beast in heavy armor leading the armies of the Mercenaries of Bitter Peak, Savalis made a new goal. Einkin, the Lord of Steel, took a vacation to his mountaintop. It was at this place that Savalis found him. He challenged him to a duel. Einkin laughed at the scrawny old man, and refused. "It makes no difference to me if you defend yourself." Einkin was caught off-guard and slain. As Einkin's soul slipped from his body, Savalis left the old man, and replaced the recently vacated yeti corpse. Savalis' new body got back to its feet, flexed, laughed, and walked off, to resume Einkin's duty as Lord of Steel.

After ruling the Mercenaries of Bitter Peak for a few years alongside the other councilors, Savalis grew tired of the inefficient system. Staging a secret meeting in The Blighted Forest, Savalis convinced the other lords to leave the country. Upon his return home, he crowned himself king of the Mercenaries of Bitter Peak. Donning a steel crown, he started the most aggressive military expansions the small frozen country had ever seen.