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Duke Arminius of Narscin
In-Character Information
Country Explorers Guild
Other Name(s) n/a
Class Paladin
Gender Male
Race Human
Religion The Anemoi Four
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined 0 DY (March 7th 2010)
Affiliated with Guild Bank of Dargarth, Noble Council, Executive Board

{{#if:Human|}} {{#if:Paladin|}} {{#if:Explorers Guild|}}Duke Arminius of Narscin is a founding member of the Explorers Guild, the founder of the Guild Bank of Dargarth, and a nobleman of great renown. He has been a notable figure in Dargarth since the realm's founding, and carried out many mapping and charting duties for the Explorers Guild and realm at large.

A native of Dargarth, Arminius welcomed the ship of explorers that would initiate the founding of the Explorers Guild. An early ranger for the guild, he led various land searches on its behalf. He organized relief efforts for people of Narscin after the collapse of Narscinia, and today is now Duke of the Isle. Under his lordship, the island has experienced a population boom and full development of the island's gold and silver mines.

In 1 DY, Arminius recognized a need for proper financial services in the realm. Using the resources of the Isle of Narscinia and the Explorers Guild, he set up the realm's first bank. The Guild Bank of Dargarth was chartered by the Emperor of Dargarth and offers banking services to all in the realm.

Arminius begun his career as a ranger, although he gave up this career soon after achieving knighthood. Today he is an accomplished paladin, wielding the holy blade that carries the name of his faith.