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The Explorers Guild
Leave No Stone Unturned
Country Data
Date 0 DY
Symbol Silver Compass
Colors Green and Black Quartered
Capital Newholme: Hex 1101
Government Meritocracy
Racial Makeup Majority Human; Minority populations of Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and more
No formal leaders

(OoC: Earl Arminius)

The Explorers Guild is a country dedicated to seeking out new peoples and resources, developing frontiers, and locating new lands for the benefits of all of Dargarth. It is the first and oldest country in Dargarth. Its borders reach from the Briarwood Jungle in the west to the central swamps that serve as the Guild's eastern border. It stretches south across the continent and includes the Isle of Narscin.
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Its original mission as a mapping and scouting society has since evolved into one of safe governance and protection of local peoples. The Guild's original directives included:

  1. Chart unknown lands, and seek out their inhabitants
  2. Discover and name the beasts of the world, that we may know their number and shape
  3. Understand the magic that is to be found elsewhere, so we may build on our knowledge
  4. Tame the wilds of the ends of the world, and discover what lies beyond the horizon

These principles still motivate many of the Guild's activities, and exploration continues to be the primary focus of the Guild.

The Guild operates as an ad hoc meritocracy. This nature means long term planning is difficult, as there is no central authority. It operates a sizable navy, primarily to transport expeditions across bodies of water.

Country History

The Explorers Guild originated outside the realm of Dargarth, and originally came to its shores in a shipwrecked expedition. Organized abroad, the ship was blown off course and wrecked on the shores of Dargarth. The expedition formed a community at the location, calling its landing spot Newholme. The country was based on the Guild's values, and integrated native Dargarthians from the start.

Following its charter, the Explorers Guild sent expeditions out across the continent. It soon found new neighbors with the Briarwood Clan in the jungles of the west, and Albion in the Albioberge Mountains to the south.

When the nation of Narscinia collapsed, the Explorers Guild stepped into the void and provided aid for the people of Narscin. The Isle was eventually incorporated into the Explorers Guild as a feudal holding under Baron Arminius. Rich gold and silver mines were found on the island, and two large cities developed. Today it is the most densely populated area of Dargarth. The trade route between Newholme and Narscin forms the backbone of the Guild's economy. Most of the trade is seaborne, passing around the Briarwood Jungle in the west. Riverborne trade is also significant for the Guild.

After the collapse of Albion, the Explorers Guild expanded southwards into its former lands. It has maintained peaceful relations with the successor states that claimed territory of the defunct country. The Guild uses fortifications and the Albioberge Mountains to defend its eastern and southern borders.

The Guild holds significant lands along the Bay of Langer, probably the most heavily contested waters in all of Dargarth. It has attempted to stay neutral in the frequent disputes between the Isles of Langerhausen and Legion. The Guild has managed to maintain free passage for its ships even tension between its neighbors are escalated.

With the discovery of lands in the east, the Explorers Guild quickly organized an dispatched an expedition to these lands. It's exploratory efforts are currently focused on the north western island.

Associated Organizations

Guild members have created a number of successful institutions and enterprises. These are not formally a part of the Explorers Guild, but they often liaise with it or have shared goals.

The Guild Bank of Dargarth

Academy Arcana Bellum

Current Explorer Roster

Members in Absentia

Outcasted Former Guildsmen

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