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"Jarl" Bodvarr
In-Character Information
Country RagnFjord
Other Name(s) None
Class Ranger(Berserker)
Gender Male
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Human
Religion Heathen (Norse and Celtic Pantheon)
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined June 28th 2012 (Player Joined Game) June 16th 2013 (Character Started) February 23rd 2014 (Knighted)
Affiliated with Leader of RagnFjord

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Pronounced - Böðvar - "Bod(as in foreboding) and Var(as in Far)

Played by Matthew Puddicombe [1]

Bodvarr is leader of the nation of RagnFjord

Bodvarr is a Norse name which means "Arsenal"

This character has been inspired by the Berserker[2] fighting style and hero's of Viking and Celtic mythology such as Beowulf[3], Bödvar Bjarki[4], and Ragnar Lodbrok[5]

Weapon Preference: Javelin and Sword, 36" Shield and Sword, Axe and Sword, Shield & Axe, Florentine Swords. Bodvarr doesn't care for Daggers, but will use one if no other weapons are available.