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Current: Haakon (Vodin), D'gar | |-valign="top"
Let the Raven's Feast!}}
Country Data
Date June 16, 3 DY}}
Defunct February 7 DY}}
Symbol Upwards Soaring Raven}}
Colors Orange, Green, Gray}}
Capital Raven's Hearth Hex 3400}}
Alignment Neutral}}
Government Constitutional Monarchy / Primitive Democracy}}
Racial Makeup Human, Shapeshifters}}
Former/Founders: Bodvarr, Valka

Current: Haakon (Vodin), D'gar}}

RagnFjord is a Nordic/Celtic/Barbarian themed country from the north of Dargarth. Currently RagnFjord controls Hexes 3200, 3300, 3301, 3400, 3401, 3403, 3501, 3502, 3603. The leaders of RagnFjord chose to only take 4 of the 7 optional starting hexes in order to allow for more initial exploration. RagnFjord's members took to the field in force for the first time on June 16th 2013. We will use that date in reference to our "founding" although in game lore we have existed on our island for generations.

Nation Leader: Matthew Puddicombe - Jarl "Bodvarr"
View a list of RagnFjord members here.
RagnFjord comes from the root-word "Ragn": for Fate/Gods/Rulers; and the word "Fjord": usually an Inland Sea, or simply a sea in some cases. We interpret our name as meaning "Sea of Fate, or Sea of The Gods"


Our nation has been secluded for at least three generations now, and our people have been busy simply dealing with the natural environment of our homeland. The island which RagnFjord exists upon is harsh and cold, with many fearsome creatures prowling across snow covered tundra and vast moonlit forests. Sharp jagged mountains covered in pines, with ancient trails weaving through dense forest leading to the ruins of forgotten watchtowers. A lonesome traveler is never quite certain if the howl they heard was the icy wind or something far more sinister. Ravens are the hardiest of all the native birds, never leaving their territory regardless of the stinging winter wind. They circle during the long twilight, black shadows against the orange glow of a sky whose sun is hidden behind great snowy peaks.

In ages past, the people of this land were raiders and explorers. Riches won on distant battlefields were brought home to small quiet farmsteads surrounded by forests of pine and deep mountain lakes. The summer is short and so the people must be experts in agriculture to make use of the limited growing season. Harvest is a time of great celebration and a time to prepare for then next long winter.

Bodvarr's uncle, the previous king, did not believe in exploration and simply thought that the people should be concerned with surviving in the dangerous and often harshly cold lands that belong to those of RagnFjord.

So it had been for his father and grandfather before him.

The people of RagnFjord have always been great warriors, seeking glory on the battle field and the riches of adventure. However since Bodvarrs great grand-uncle took power no ships have set sail from the port of Raven's Hearth, and no heroes have found greatness on the battlefields of Dargarth outside of their own borders. The island that RagnFjord exists upon is one in constant turmoil. Goblins raid from the mountain peaks to her south, and Ice Giants terrorize the low land forests to her west. For many years there was a tentative and fragile peace with the frost giants of those forests, recently however, things have gone from bad to worse.

The "Explorers Guild" of Dargarth in keeping with their namesake, made landfall on the cold island late last year where they meet with little resistance as they trekked inland. That is until they found one of the many camps of frost giants. The frost giants soundly defeated the small expedition of Explorers, but not without having their anger irreparably roused. Frost Giants are not known for a careful or discerning nature and cared not that "The Explorers Guild" was not affiliated with RagnFjord. The peace was breached first by humans and thus human blood needed to be paid.

With savagery and fury the frost giants attacked RagnFjord. Bodvarr, second in line to be King, was a great leader in the fight to repel the angry invaders. During the months of constant sieges Bodvarr's uncle and cousin both fell in battle and went to meet their ancestors in Valhalla. When the dust had settled and the giants thirst for blood had withered from punishment wrought upon them by the angry defenders of Raven's Hearth, Bodvarr stood victorious... and curious.

Now crowned as King of RagnFjord, Bodvarr's first decree was for the construction of many new ships. RagnFjords warriors are once again ready to meet worthy foes upon the seas and battlefields of Dargarth, and to rebuild the dwindling wealth of a once rich nation. Those who hail from RagnFjord are an enigmatic people. Although a warrior of RagnFjord may seek wealth and riches, their greatest longing is for a valiant and honorable death upon the battlefield. They seek this death knowing it will earn them a place beside their honored ancestors in the halls of Valhalla where hero's feast and battle in preparation for the end of times.

How they will leave their mark upon the land has yet to be seen, but let it be known, they are coming.


National Colors: Orange, Mossy Green, Charcoal Gray

Nation Capital: Raven's Hearth (Hex 3400)

Flag: Charcoal Gray Raven on a Moss Green flag with a broad central Orange Stripe. (Picture will be uploaded when flag is completed)

Building Style: Central Europeish – Orange primary color

RagnFjord is intended to be a Role-Play heavy, theme focused nation, in order to help add to the overall lore and continuity of the realm.

RagnFjord's theme is based on the history of the Scandinavian and Celtic peoples of the real world, as well as popular culture depictions, myths and legends. We "worship" the Celtic and Viking pantheons as a nation, though other individual deities will be respected. Membership will be based on character background only, and should fit our overall theme and style of garb.

Resources for inspiration: Viking Mythology, Celtic Mythology, The 13th Warrior, Brave, Conan (entire series), Vikings (History Channel series), Rohan from LOTR series, Beowulf, How To Train Your Dragon, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, etc.

Our Facebook Group Page is located here [1]

The 7 Tenants

I. An enemy honors you by facing you fairly on the battle field. RagnFjord does not hold grudges against an honorable enemy.

II. We will show good sportsmanship in all combat.

III. We may meet our enemies with overwhelming force, but They will be standing, They will know we were coming, and They will be armed.

IV. We will honor any calls for mercy, and though we may claim gold or goods during a raid, we will let non-hostile nations retain control of their lands.

V. We honor our word and keep out oaths. We will only make oaths we intend to keep.

VI. We will fight hard and meet our deaths without fear, that the gods may find us worthy to join them in Valhalla!

VII. We will offer hospitality and rest to those who seek it off the battlefield. One way we will offer this is in the form of a National Tavern to be open and run by our nation members. We will equally share in any profit.

Characters and Culture

Garb will be held to a stricter requirement in RagnFjord than most of Dargarth. Costumes must meet our Nordic/Celtic theme. Players are encouraged to wear Furs, and incorporate Orange, Green, and Dark Grey into their costumes and armor. Though Nordic and Celtic garb would be best, other types of costumes may be appropriate based on character background and history.

Fighters, Rangers, Rogues (thieves), and great sword wielding barbarian style Monks would all be very well suited for this nation. Especially those players who wish to explore multiple styles of combat tactics, from bull rushing and Berserking to organized small and large unit shield walls.

RagnFjord is quite superstitious towards magic, regarding it as the realm of the gods and a powerful force not easily trifled with. If you must play a magic based character, we highly encourage you to play a Seer or a Medicine-Man/Woman style spell caster. Other spell casters will probably encounter fear and mistrust from the people of RagnFjord. In no way do we wish to stifle player creativity, and if you have an idea for a magic using character that could fit our nations theme we will consider it. Clerics of the old gods are reveared and trusted, if kept at a distance by the average farmer or warrior.

Gods of RagnFjord

Odin: God of War, Battle, Victory and Death, Wisdom, Shamanism, Magic, Poetry, Prophecy, and The Hunt. He is worshiped by Berserker's and Shapeshifters [2]. Odin is not to be followed lightly, as he could call his warriors to his hall at any time, and one who follows him must be constantly prepared to be tested or die.[3]

The Morrigan: A trinity of Celtic goddesses of battle, strife, and sovereignty. She could decided victory in battle and She hovered over the battlefield in the form of a Crow or Raven. She sometimes wandered in the form of a Wolf. [4]

Frigg: Queen of the Norse gods, Goddess of Love and Fertility. [5]

Thor: A God of both warriors and common man. Overall, a pretty cool guy. He is notably the God of thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing and fertility. [6] He is followed in a more relaxed manner.

Freyja: Goddess associated with love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, gold, seiðr, war, and death. She is also known simply as "The Lady" and is a Vanir (Fertility/Nature or Natural World God/Goddess) whereas Thor and Odin are both Aesir (Gods/Goddesses of Conscious Action and "Culture"). Her male counterpart is the god Frey. [7]

Freyr: God of Farming and Weather. [8]

Wayland the Smith: God of Craftsman and Blacksmiths. Wayland was a Blacksmith of legendary abilities, and was the forger of Beowulf's Chainmail among other things.

Flidais: Celtic Goddess of Shape shifting and Wild Animals. [9]

Tyr: God of Single Combat, Justice and Bravery [10]

  • This is only a preliminary pantheon for our nation, if you are a member of RagnFjord and would like to add your own God/Goddess to this list(Historic or Fantasy), please let me know.

Player Characters

Bodvarr, Ranger - Jarl of RagnFjord, founding member, and berserker. He ascended to the throne during the Frost Giant War, inheriting leadership from his Uncle and Cousin who both died in short succession during the ceaseless fighting. Although tested in battle against monsters and his cultures rights of passage, due to the seclusion of his nation he yearns to test his mettle against other great warriors of Dargarth. Bodvarr was knighted on Sunday February 23rd, taking title Jarl.

Bodvarr has gone viking to the far east in search of glory and treasure. We pray to the gods for his safe return.

Valka, Rogue - Shield Maiden of RagnFjord, founding member, and wife of the Jarl.

Valka has gone viking to the far east in search of glory and treasure. We pray to the gods for her safe return.

Haakon Baulderson, Druid - Second in command and de facto leader in Bodvarr's absence, Haakon is a devout worshiper of the heathen gods. Wherever he goes, the smell of ash and fresh soil follow. Those with a keen eye can see a flash of gold in his smile. It has been revealed that he is a dragon in disguise. Though he is friendly enough in his human form, who can say when he will transform again and kill us all?

D'gar, Ranger - A highland badass who just showed up one day, his military leadership has lead RagnFjord to victory on many occasions. A full and respected member of RagnFjord, he holds nothing back if he believes a plan to be foolhardy. His brashness is highly respected amongst those who have seen an otherwise deadly battle go in their favor though his guidance.

Cannibus Maximus, Cleric - Once a member of a monotheist religious order in the deserts of the far south, after a tryst with the high priest's daughter his life was spared only under the condition that he proselytize his faith to the heathens of the lost nation of RagnFjord. Soon after arriving he hung up the vestments of the southern religion for good. The strong faith and honor he found in the northmen helped Cannibus to find his true calling in the realm of the old gods. He has fought many battles with Bodvarr since they first meet. He was saved by the soon to be high king when his adoptive village came under attack from a frost giant raiding party. After being crushed by a frost giants club, Odin appeared to Cannibus and he glimpsed the fabled halls of the one-eyed god. Odin returned Cannibus to life to help RagnFjord regain its place in the land of Dargarth, and help strengthen its warriors against the challenges to come.

Nanaue the Islander, Monk - A stray navigator from a humid island, far removed from his home. He takes up arms to protect his new allies and his new home. Missive from the desk of Jarl Bodvarr: "Son of the king of sharks, a brave seafaring warrior, as quick with his duel blades as he is on his feet. He wears little armor, and is a master of ship to ship combat. The blessings of his gods are a welcome boon to the other warriors of RagnFjord."

Cedar Grey, Cleric - A former priestess of a Southern love goddess, Cedar was cast out and declared dead for engaging in forbidden acts. Alone and friendless, she was given a vision of a Northern land filled with battle, and a Raven feasting on lesser birds. Following her dream, she came to RagnFjord. Now a follower of the old gods, she is not the best in battle, but she is a damn good cook and is quickly regaining her powers of divine magic.

Refr Scraelson, Rogue - The son of a RagnFjord woman and a foreign drifter, Refr's life was hard and thankless before Bodvarr came to power. He spent the Frost Giant War in jail. Released from prison by Bodvarr, Refr is eager to prove his loyalty and worth to Ragnfjord.

Caoimhe, Rogue - Caoimhe has recently returned to Ragnfjord after her kin, Bodvarr, opened the country to the world. Although a member of an exiled branch of the Royal Family, she has no interest in political intrigue, preferring instead to gain wealth and knowledge of her ancestors.

Eino Arja, Rogue - A "legitimate merchant" specializing in "military surplus" (dead men's boots), recently arrived in the capitol and looking to make allies.

Belt Flags


Green bordered belt flags signify RagnFjord Leaders and Nobility. Standard Orange belt flags signify official nation members.