Kobolds Vs Goblins

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Kobolds Vs Goblins was the adventure run in July of 6 DY.

The adventurers were invited by an explorer to assist him in ending conflicts between a tribe of Goblins and a Tribe of Kobolds, whose conflicts were spilling into human lands.

A more sinister force was revealed, eventually, as the adventurers were slowly falling under mental control of the leaders of the tribes. Eventually, the goblins amassed enough of a force and decimated the kobolds. Upon looting a small gem from the kobold leader, the goblin king was possessed by an archdemon, who used his newly united army to conquer the land.

Vodin offered a drink of water to his new overlord, who graciously accepted the tribute. It was holy water. The demon was banished, the mind-controlling stone dulled to grey. Goblins, kobolds, and adventurers, alike, all regained their free-will, and a peace was quickly established.

Date: 7/24/16
Event Coordinator: Uulmshar

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