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Sir Uulmshar
In-Character Information
Country [[]]
Other Name(s) Lord of Blood
Class Cleric
Gender Male
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Race Human
Religion Church of Hades
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined 1 DY
Affiliated with Mercenaries of Bitter Peak

{{#if:Human|}} {{#if:Cleric|}} {{#if:|}} Sir Uulmshar, knight of the realm, first Apostle and High Priest of Hades, founded the Church of Hades and co-founded the Mercenaries of Bitter Peak, where he previously held a seat on the Bitter Peak council of generals as "Lord of Blood." Dubbed "most energetic" at the first Skullbowl.


Sold to a farmer at the age of six, Uulmshar returned to the Bitter Peak on his fourteenth birthday. He lived at the peak of the mountain for six years, refusing to associate with the weak people of the city below him.

Valuing power above all else, he gladly made a pact with the charismatic Twisting Lord, leading up to the Lords of Bitter Peak event. Afterwards, they solidified the loose society of mercenaries in the city-state of Bitter Peak. He lead most of the exploration parties from the mountain, and it was Uulmshar's first suggestion to expand beyond the islands that started the Invasion of Langerhausen, where both he, and the majority of the forces under his command, were betrayed from within and slaughtered at the hands of their fellows.

When he awoke as a cleric of Hades, his new religion took up most of his effort, and the leading of war parties became secondary to him. Withdrawing a half-elf entertainer from the dungeons, Uulmshar convinced the man to impersonate him in battle, so as to create the idea that he was still present in military actions. The man agreed, and forsook his own identity of Conrich to become Uulmshar's body-double.

With that taken care of, Uulmshar wandered the world for nigh a year, to seek out and destroy the corruption of the undead, in the name of his lord, Hades. At The Blighted Forest, during an impromptu council meeting, with the freshly reunited council, Savalis exposed Uulmshar's double and banished the other generals from leading the country, taking rule for himself. To avoid conflict, Uulmshar left on pilgrimage again, to leave the Steel Lord to continue ruling alone.

On his pilgrimage, he followed rumors of undead south, across the water, where he found an undead plague spreading. He spent most of his time there healing the sick and ensuring that the dead stayed dead. He gathered a small militia and hunted down the necromancer responsible for the plague.

He returned to the First Kingdom, where has placed a petition to the emperor to allow the construction of a cathedral to Hades in the capital.

For his services to the realm, Uulmshar was knighted in January of 7 DY.

Uulmshar took a neutral stance during the Legion/Mardur war, occasionally working as a mercenary. In one such battle, he was hired by Mardur, who was besieging a Legion tower. After successfully flanking and defeating the group outside the tower, Uulmshar just kept killing, finishing off several Mardurians, including Kit_Foxwyfe, the leader of the warband, before being felled, himself. Mardur did not win that battle. Rumors abound whether he's gone mad, or was just bought by Legion. There is currently a price on his head.


Uulmshar spent most of his life irreligious. Striving for safety and power in the material world left little time to think about the metaphysical.

After dying savagely at the hands of his own men, he spent some time wandering through Hades, where he made a deal with the deity of death; Hades gifted Uulmshar with power over life and death, and Uulmshar would henceforth endeavor to guide souls to their proper place in the underworld.

After returning to the living realm, Uulmshar immediately dedicated the majority of his efforts into appeasing his new master, hunting down wayward souls and those who abuse them. He founded the Church of Hades, becoming the first apostle of Hades, and converted his friend, Kendall, who became a cleric as well.

His pilgrimages leave broken and sanctified undead in his wake, and often lead to a powerful necromancer or demon that must be slain. Repeated deaths during these religious quests has caused Uulmshar to lose all fear of dying, and he often runs into battle laughing or singing prayers to his dark god.