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Sir Lucian
In-Character Information
Country Sanctuary
Other Name(s) The Long Lived, The Twisting Lord, Lucian the Liar,

"Sir Lulu"1

Class Paladin
Gender Male
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Human
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined 0DY
Affiliated with

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Leader of Sanctuary, Former Lord of Bitter Peak, and King of the distant region of Littelmarch (as attested to by all countries present, save one).


Lucian does not often mention his early life, though he alludes to traveling a lot as a child. He only talks at any length about his rise to power.


After moving to Bitter Peak as a mercenary, Lucian quickly climbed the ranks. He became bodyguard to the lord of the city, an old man who headed the council. After earning his trust, Lucian was willed his land and authorities after his death. The new position put him in direct competition with the other lords of the island, however.
Lucian saw a divided land within Bitter Peak. Using his guile and a team of sneaks and spies, he manipulated adventurers into doing his work for him, making him the only lord left on the island. Others called him the Twisting Lord, for his manipulations, and many adventurers swore themselves to him, so long as he kept the gold flowing. Uniting the warring mercenary bands into one group, wiping out the isolationist elves, and starting a theme of expansion, Lucian led the Mercenaries of Bitter Peak to greatness.


After years of leading the country, Lucian took a vacation. He let Uulmshar start a war, to keep his country busy, and he left to explore lands to the east, where he discovered a wild land inhabited only by scattered tribes and wandering undead. After saving a native from some zombies, a tribe asked him to help with their undead problem. Lucian obliged, using his abilities to convince the tribes to work together, and they found and slew the necromancer behind the plague. Revealed to the horror that was the undead, Lucian swore to leave behind his spotted past, and devote himself to all things holy and good, and, from the newly united tribes, founded Sanctuary, a nation devoted to peace. With him as king, the newly united tribes built a thriving country, opening up trade routes back west, and constructing grand cities. After formally stepping down as lord of Bitter Peak, Varador commissioned a statue of Lucian to be placed in the capital, in honor for all he had done.