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Baroness Pow-Pow the Goblin Queen
In-Character Information
Country Holy Order of Mardur
Other Name(s)
Class Rogue
Gender Female
Alignment Neutral Evil
Race Goblin
Religion Follower of No Cha
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined 0DY (November 21st, 2010)
Affiliated with Noble Council

{{#if:Goblin|}} {{#if:Rogue|}} {{#if:Holy Order of Mardur|}} Baroness Pow Pow is a former leader of the Holy Order of Mardur.

She is known as a collector of souls, and it is said she wears the contracts upon her belt. She openly acknowledges to be a demon worshiper, and once sealed a demon into the body of her consort Froste. It was later claimed to be banished, but how can one know for certain...

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