Marshal Council

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One of the three governing councils of Dargarth.

The marshal council is composed of appointed individuals who:

  • are individually responsible for interpreting and enforcing specific sections of the rulebook, and handling the related logistical aspects.
  • Collectively as a group appraise and vote on new rules.

(Comparisons have been made to the legislative branch.)

Current Marshals:

Magistrate Marshal: Bitter-Bro
Land Marshal: Kit Foxwyfe
Lore Marshal: Sir Uulmshar

Assistant: Sir Rasheab

Coin Marshal: Braddick
Consumables Marshal (Potions/Poison/Scrolls): Kestrel
Costume Marshal: Dame Alicaryn
Spell Marshal: Kestrel

Assistant: Kit Foxwyfe

Weapon & Armor Marshal: Sir Uulmshar

Assistant: Bitter-Bro

Archery Marshal: Cat
Consul Marshal: Sir Rasheab