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"Don" Rasheab
In-Character Information
Country Legion
Other Name(s) "The Unvanquished"
Class Swashbuckler
Gender Dude
Alignment Honorable
Race Pirate
Religion Valhallan
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined 1 DY
Affiliated with Belegarth

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Recognizable by: the green and black he commonly wears.

Loves to bargain! But will walk away rather than agree to a bad deal.

One of the leaders of Legion.


Long before he became known, Rasheab was a member of the bands which would occasionally form to test the mettle of the "civilized" heroes and warriors of the so called "First Kingdom" nations. Most of these individuals later founded or joined first Alliance or later Legion.

As time went on, some of these warriors began to appear more often, these being primarily Rasheab, Mowgli, and Puck. They had an affinity for the outdoors, and frequently took contracts as guides, scouts, and hired swords from the various nations (sometime favoring one over others, but never settling with any one group exclusively). Unknown at their employers, they (and particularly Rasheab) were observing the established nations, for actions speak clearer than words.

After many months of observation, and the appearance of Kanon, Legion made its existence known at the Claw of Misery. Rasheab was discovered to be one of the leaders of the ancient but newly forged union, and the scathing sarcasm he had directed at those who oppressed and killed the people of Dargarth was found to not be in good humor.

Feelings towards other nations

An overview can be found here.

While at first he held little but contempt for the imperialistic "Explorers Guild," and was favorably inclined towards the warriors of the nation of Mardur, his feelings slowly began to change as the former slowed their expansion and rhetoric, and it became clear that the latter, for all their rhetoric of equality amongst the various peoples, were primarily motivated by selfish gain (both gold and land) and have few qualms about smashing any natives who object to or resist their expansions. He must admit though, they are good at scaring other nations into forming alliances with them.

As a sovereign people who clearly state their positions and appear bound by their word, Rasheab has a liking for the people of Bitterpeak. However he has been disappointed that, since the departure of Lucian (somewhat ironically termed "the twisting lord"), the mercenaries have become somewhat reclusive and hard to hire, and seemed to have lost much of their former aggressive drive.

In the east, RagnFjord has of late reemerged from self-imposed isolation. Similar to Legion, RagnFjord predates the founding of the First Kingdom. However there are few legends amongst Rasheab's people regarding them, except for vague references to fur clad raiders from the east; as a nomadic people, those raiders never posed much of a danger. Rasheab is overall somewhat perplexed by what he knows of the current generation of leadership: self-purporting to be fierce raiders, they seem to do little enough of it. (Perhaps they are focusing their efforts upon securing their island before going abroad.) And if rumors are to be believed, almost the first thing their did upon stepping onto the mainland was to sign a treaty of some kind with Mardur!

Relations with Erzoth is a tricky subject. He breaks into a glare when he thinks of how they apparently opportunistically occupied most of the lands of Alliance, and dared to try and interfere with the Legion aid mission sent south to the Alliance capital to discover what had befallen their friends and allies. To add insult to literal injury, they were backed by Mardurian mercenaries, and despite warnings that the Mardurians would inevitably initiate violence, the Ezrothian leaders attempted to take no responsibility when that is exactly what their mercenaries did. (He is personally perplexed how they were able to cross Legion lands with mercenaries in tow, since they lacked ships at the time.) As a final nail in the coffin, while Ezroth claims to be benefactors to the people of Alliance, they have been known to attack surviving remnants of that nation.
Despite all that, in recent seasons tempers on both sides of the border seem to have been dying down. While overall Rasheab has been unimpressed by Erzoth attempts at bargaining, he can't help by find himself liking some of their members (as seems to be the case with all nations). Legion & Erzoth worked together to strike the first blow against The Damned, and a standing Legion army waits to help defend the territory the nations wrested from the dead. At some point Legion will contest the desert territories Erzoth has claimed, but Erzoth is well aware of it, and it should be an honorable fight.

Briarwood is Briarwood; jungle druids who are hired where they are hired. He rather likes Moot, and simply knows to not let them stand behind him if they are in a group. He has always rather liked Lucian, leader of Sanctuary, and that nation tends to keep to itself.

Rasheab misses his friends and allies in Alliance and Endor. He is happy that Sir Byron has reappeared, despite not knowing the man well. And he is sad that the Endorian tribes were not able to hold their alliances together, because in many ways their history and background was the same as Legion's. He is a proponent of the watch Legion has placed over the former Endorian lands, in hopes that one day the people will manage to reclaim their sovereignty.

Other Info

Is a dude. - Vodin
It's true; says so in my info box and everything. - Rasheab

Was the Magistrate.
Currently the club Treasurer, and part of the Executive Board.

Is the original and only Consul Marshal, and has helped out with all marshal positions at one point or another.
Acts as one of the assistant Weapons & Armor marshals when needed, in addition to helping when needed with other roles (such as the backup backup backup archery marshal).
Assistant Lore Marshal.
Is the unofficial "proof-reading marshal."

Was knighted at the end of Skullbowl II in the year 3 DY.

Bronze medalist in the Dargarth Winter Games "archery" biathlon (which he entered with a javelin, and was in first place until the final two targets rudely started moving! Rasheab has vocally stated he is very proud of this accomplishment)

Gold medalist Dargarth Winter Games in single sword tourney (how did that happen?).

Gold medalist Dargarth Winter Games in five-man team grand melee (disabled)

  • Reputedly the "best dragon ever."

"Guardian of the Wiki"