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In-Character Information
Country Mardur
Other Name(s) King Thorne I, Sir Thorne
Class Ranger, Fighter
Gender Male
Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Half Grey Orc
Religion Warrior of Sunlight
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined 1 DY (April 10th, 2011)
Affiliated with House Thomas

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Thorne is the king of Mardur. He inherited his title from Queen Pow Pow upon her retirement.

Not so many years ago, a grey-orcish marauder had his way with a saucy adventuring lass by the name of Rosa. Left alive after an orc tribe slaughtered her party, she later gave birth to a halfbreed spawn that would come to be known as Thorne. Few years after his birth, Rosa became deathly ill and withered away, leaving him to fend for himself on the unwelcoming streets of a peasant town in the human territories. With no trade skill, and nowhere to turn, Thorne stole himself a blade and sold his sword to anyone with a few coppers.

Playing a mercenary proved to be a rough lifestyle, leaving its own scars on the mind and body both. Above all, it brought a familiar relationship with danger and death accompanied with a lost sense of purpose. One night, as he was blowing his few hard earned coins in a local tavern, Thorne found himself being threatened by a huge, angry, belligerent man with two cronies at his back and a serious problem with monstrous mongrels. After taking a hard set of knuckles in the skull, he realized there was only way he’d come out of the situation alive. Reaching for the hilt of a rusted short sword at his belt, Thorne cut the man down right inside the tavern. Knowing the nobles and their laws would have small love for a half-beast, he fled the city in search of a safe place.

Finding open acceptance of his race and lifestyle in the monster territories of old Mardur, and a job as a soldier in the Mardurian Guard, Thorne settled in the capital city. Quickly enough, his prowess in combat and positive relations with Pow Pow the Goblin Queen attained him the positions of Captain of the Guard and Commanding Officer of the Queensguard, serving as both the leader of a monster elite squad and the first sword of the Queen herself.

Thorne's love of drinking is matched only by his own obsession with gold. He remains one of the richest heroes in Dargarth and is well known to engage in bribery, make lucrative deals, and give generous tips.

After a long search for a greater sense of purpose in life that dates back to his days as a mercenary, Thorne found his calling in joining the Warrior of Sunlight covenant. He offers his praise to the Lord of Sunlight, the Knight Solaire, and most importantly, the Sun.

Official Titles

High King of the First Kingdom

King of Mardur

Baron of the Realm

Assistant Land Marshal

Lord of Little Littelmarch

3x Skull Bowl Champion Quick (I, III, VI)

Warrior of Sunlight