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Yurushi wa chinmoku ga tsudzuku saken sa rete imasu.}}
Country Data
Date 4/7/3 DY}}
Defunct }}
Symbol Per cross azure and gules, or a white warhammer}}
Colors Azure & Gules}}
Capital (1308)}}
Alignment Neutral}}
Government Benevolent dictatorship}}
Racial Makeup All races are welcome}}
Baron Dameaion}}

The militant arm of the Order of the Abbot. After their split from Mardur, the small country set out to explore the world. In their travels they have made friends in many places, and established trade across the realm.

However all was not good in the realm, and so Dominion took up a new mission, to help train the new warriors of the realm. This duty allows new fighters to band together and explore the world, with some experienced veterans to help out as needed.

View a list of Dominion members here.

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