Order of the Abbot

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Country Data
Date 1 DY (Sept 6 '11)}}
Defunct 2 DY}}
Symbol Lotus}}
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Capital (Hex 2007)}}
Alignment Neutral}}
Government Theocracy}}
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A brief timeline

1 DY: The Order of the Abbot was founded in the year 1 DY.
2 DY: The next year the Order merged with its neighbor Mardur to create the Holy Order of Mardur, at the end of summer in 2 DY.
3 DY: At the beginning of spring 3 DY, most of the former notables of the Order left the "Holy" Order of Mardur and formed the nation of Dominion; Dominion representing the militant arm of the Order.
5 DY: In the fifth month of 5 DY, Dominion announced it was reforming with the Order of the Abbot. At the same time they declared military action against Sanctuary, in concert with Mardur.
? DY: After rejoining Mardur, a rebellion broke out amongst part of The Order, primarily amongst the laity. Eventually the Order's capital was attacked and conquered, and was held for a number of seasons until eventually liberated by a Mardurian army, which scattered the rebels who fled into the surrounding mountains.

The Holy Order of the Abbott: a brief history

The date of arrival of the Abbot is unknown; when his later disciples asked him when he had arrived the realm of DarGarth he only replies, “Just after the ship docked”. The first appearance of the Abbot is disputed. Some claim that he appeared at the southern rim of the Maurdur lands and brokered a treaty with that realm for safe passage. Others claim he was seen approaching in a ship off the western shores off the lands claimed by the Briarwood Clan.

During the first recorded sighting of the Abbot he was seen speaking with the merchant named Coil . The reports conflict at this point as to what happened to the Coil – some say business competitors ran him off and some say he was looted and murdered by brigands.

During the same period of time the Abbot found one of the Lost Soldiers of the Order – A Narcinnian Knight that was defending his keep…

As the Abbot tells his disciples the Narcinnian Knights were an order of knights descended from a royal house across the western seas. Pirates were waylaying the Abbot’s ship and the Narcinnian Knights came to his aid. They went some time on the voyage together and the knights choose to flow the Abbot’s teachings and become his first disciples. While the Abbot had business elsewhere the Narcinnian Knights ventured forward to DarGarth and settled the lands to house the future order but remained silent of their true intentions until the Abbot could arrive.

Shortly after it is reported to have given his life in efforts to slay a demon that was raised – the Queen and War General from the country of Mârdûr were present and reported that he was valiant to the end. The whereabouts of the other Narcinnian Knights and the demon are unknown. The next sighting of the Abbot was during the conflict over a dragon’s egg where he spoke with a mage by the name of Da’Har. (Who later came to an untimely end at the hands of others who would take he egg for their own devices) While the egg was of no concern to the Abbot he did note a certain division in the countries of DarGarth in both philosophy and doctrine. He chose to take action and form his order rather than wait for the return of the Narcinnian Knights. The Abbot began searching out those who would find his cause worthy and serve the Order. Some arrived after wandering for some time in search for answers. Some left their countries in the goal of becoming a member of the Order.

But they were all clear about the Abbot’s doctrine:

To find and reunite the Narcinnian Knights back into the Order

To establish a Holy Order here in the realm of DarGarth

To establish discipline within the Order through militant exercise

To convert those of false faiths and misguided beliefs

To bring all under his banner who would cleanse the lands of evil and force repentance for the good of the souls and the good of all DarGarth