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Duke Dameaion
In-Character Information
Country Dominion
Other Name(s)
Class Monk
Gender Male
Race [[]]
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined
Affiliated with

{{#if:|}} {{#if:Monk|}} {{#if:Dominion|}} Duke Dameaion is a leader of Dominion.

Former co-ruler and spiritual leader of the Holy Order of Mardur.
Former monastery administrator of the reclusive and mountainous Order of the Abbot

Never speaking about his travels before arriving upon the shores of DarGarth he simply says “I was on a Holy Journey.” After serving faithfully in the Explorers Guild for many seasons he was contacted by His Grace, the Abbot and promptly disappeared for some time. Upon returning he spoke for the Abbot and of the Abbot.

He refused to show his face ever again as a sign of divine commitment to His Grace. Gathering those of a similar mind the Holy Order of the Abbot was formed. After serving as defenders in the incision war of the Knights of Solaris Lands he began to treat with Baroness Pow Pow; Goblin Queen of Mârdûr.

As it was seen that the creatures of Mardur were brethren in service to the Holy Abbot it was decide to merge the two lands and create The Holy Order of Mârdûr.

The Abbot said this was good. The Grand Inquisitor saw that this was good. It was, indeed, good. But not for the opposition…

TBC, with the chronicle of Dominion.

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