Villager X

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In-Character Information
Country [[]]
Other Name(s) Villager X
Class Mayor
Gender Male
Alignment Mutualism
Race Human
Religion Brotheon
Out-of-Character Information
Date Joined 2013
Affiliated with

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Elected as the mayor of Bounty's Bog in October of 3 DY. The leader of RagnFjord, Bodvarr, opposed this election but found out to late to stop it. One of his major objections was the village's choice to worship Brosidon over one of RagnFjord's patron deities, Brodin. However the village was fed up with the proliferation of Frost Giants (and giants of all sorts) plaguing the island, which RagnFjord's brother deities Oden and Brodin had sworn to defeat.

After some time to contemplate, Bodvarr came around to allowing the villagers their choice of worship. To show his magnanimity, Bodvarr, along with other prominent members of RagnFjord such as D'gar and Haakon, took Villager X on a cruise on their finest ship, so that he could commune with his deity Brosidon. He was even offered the opportunity to stay in the middle of his god's "lands," but Villager X declined.

Bounty's Bog shortly thereafter returned to the worship of Brodin and Villager X was not seen for over a month; eventually he was found washed ashore on the Dargarth mainland on a tiny raft.