Skullbowl VIII

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Hosted by the Noble Council, the 8th Skullbowl was held on April 7th 9 DY, and was hosted at fill in information later when obtained from Noble Council.

Prize Winners

Champions: Team Nibble of Legion

No MVPs or Best Sportsmanship winners were awarded by the Noble Council.



The Legion team, composed of three previous Skullbowl champions, together with Tristan of Erzoth and Bitterbro. Named after the jugger skull Nibbles.

Quick - Val
Heavy - Rasheab
Slash - Obi
Shield - Bitterbro of Bitterpeak
Chain - Tristan of Erzoth

Team Mardur

The Mardurian team (please remove and edit with appropriate details)

Quick - Thorne
Shield -
Chain -
Slash -
Heavy - Gurp Gorp

Kings of the Mountain

The Highlander team (please remove and edit with appropriate details)

Quick -
Shield -
Chain -
Slash -
Heavy -

Team 4 (help Nobles: team name? I want to say the... Adventurers. - Briarwood

A team composed of members of Briarwood, Erzoth, and newly minted members of the realm.

Quick -
Shield -
Chain -
Slash -
Heavy -


Drummer - Kestrel
Line Judges - Raven & Rube
Bookie - Brad's character (he needs a page made)
Concessions - Alicaryn

Cat, June, and help fill in details for those working the event.

Tournament Format & Matches

Skullbowl was again held as a round robin, with each team playing X matches.

For the first time in remembered history, no team noticeably had the longest match!

Legion came out the victors with a record of three wins and zero losses.