Noble Council

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The Noble Council is the body of players charged with the long term operation and governance of a club. The council is charged with scheduling events and maintaining a safe, inclusive environment.

Has the power of veto over new and existing club rules. (Comparisons have been made to the Judicial Branch.)

Bylaws can be found here.

Part of the Triumvirate.

Active Nobles

Count Dameaion
Baron Alicaryn
Baron Thorne
Baron Uulmshar

Inactive Nobles

Duke Arminius
Baron Vodin
Baron Bran
Baron Garath ~ club founder
Count Andor ~ club founder; moved to Colorado
Baroness Pow Pow
Baron Froste

Selection of Nobles

Players who have been knighted may petition to join the Noble Council based on their accomplishments in leadership. Consideration is given to players with these traits:

  • Regular Attendance
  • Great garb
  • 10th level
  • Marshal (or equivalent leadership role) for 8 months
  • Member of club for 12 months
  • Helps administrate club
  • Contributes to future of club (rule discussions, recruiting, etc.)
  • Promotes safety